Date Posted: Thursday Aug 12, 2010

TO: Families of BHS Student-Athletes

FROM: Jon Jarrett - Athletic Director

DATE: June 1, 2016

SUBJECT: Season Passes/Yearlong Passes to Athletic Events

Brunswick High School is offering to you an opportunity to purchase a Season Pass or Yearlong Pass that will admit you to all HOME REGULAR SEASON sporting events for the 2016-2017 season at a reduced rate. Prices at the gate this year are $5 for adults and $2 for students. Listed below are the passes available and their costs:

Fall Season Pass Includes all home football, boys soccer, girls soccer, girls field hockey, and volleyball games FAMILY $100 INDIVIDUAL $50
Winter Season Pass Includes all home boys basketball, girls basketball, freshman basketball, wrestling, and swimming FAMILY$100 INDIVIDUAL $50
Spring Season Pass Includes all home boys lacrosse and girls lacrosse games FAMILY $100 INDIVIDUAL $50
Yearlong Pass Includes all home games for all three seasons FAMILY $200 INDIVIDUAL $100

(Please complete and return with payment)

I wish to purchase the following

Fall Season Pass _________ Family _________ Individual Cost $_____________
Winter Season Pass _________ Family _________ Individual Cost $_____________
Spring Season Pass _________ Family __________ Individual Cost $_____________
Yearlong Pass _________ Family __________ Individual Cost $_____________

Send Tickets to: Name___________________________________________________
# of immediate family members _________

Please make checks or money orders payable to Brunswick High School