Date Posted: May 15, 2012
Game Date: May 14, 2012


Monday evening the Oakdale Bears traveled to Brunswick to faceoff in MPSSAA Regional Semifinal despite of overcast and rainy conditions.  This was the second meeting between the Bears and Railroaders, but this game would be different from the first meeting.  Sloppy play was the theme for Brunswick the entire evening, but somehow the 'Roaders were able to take a 3-0 lead headed into the 2nd frame.  Both teams seemed to settle down in the second quarter with both teams tallying 2 goals a piece giving Brunswick a 5-2 halftime lead.  The game was very similar to the last meeting between these two teams, but in the first meeting Brunswick took the game over in the 3rd quarter.  However, in the postseason meeting Oakdale took a chokehold on momentum as they dominated the faceoff 'x' and outscored the Railroaders 6-3 in the 3rd quarter, making it a tie game (8-8) heading into the final frame.  As poorly as Brunswick had played the entire game with sloppy posessions, lackluster defense, and poor shooting, they still found themselves with an opportunity to win this game in the final quarter.  This game came down to some bounces / calls that just weren't going Brunswick's way.  Oakdale got several bounces on Ground Balls that went directly to open attackers to put into an empty net, but even with Oakdale taking a 10-9 lead into the last minute of the game, Brunswick rallied and Tate Rolland drove behind the cage and fed fellow Senior Kyle Moler in front of the goal for the score to knot the game at 10 a piece.  Nonetheless, Oakdale's coaching staff challenged the goal with a legal stick check.  The stick was checked for several things: Depth of the pocket, width of the stick, and the total length of the stick.  This year the NFHS put in place a rule that states that every player should have a protective "butt end" for the end of the shaft of their stick.  Kyle Moler's stick DID have a butt end on it, but there was a small hole in the butt end, and the officials deemed that to be a broken stick and the goal was taken off of the board.  Oakdale took posession, and even though Brunswick got the ball back they were unable to get anything off the final posession and the final score read 10-9 Oakdale, ending Brunswick's season at 12-4 tieing the most wins in school history.

Goal Scorers for Brunswick:
Senior Attackman - Tate Rolland - 3 Goals / 1 Assist
Senior Attackman - Thomas Stuckey - 2 Goals / 2 Assists
Senior Midfielder - Michael Millett - 1 Goal / 1 Assist
Senior Miefielder - Shane Hogan - 1 Goal / 1 Assist
Sophomore Midfielder - Kyle Hooper - 1 Goal

Junior Goaltender - Anthony Malik - 10 Goals Allowed / 8 Saves

Coach Hartman's Thoughts on the Oakdale Loss:
"This was one of those games that every coach dreads will happen at the wrong time, and this was just that.  We caught Oakdale on their best day, and they caught us on their worst.  We still could have won the game in the end, but the reality of the situation is that we didn't make enough plays to win the game.  Take the goal being called off out of the equation, and the truth is that we just weren't good enough today.  Not good enough at the face off 'x', not good enough in our settled sets on offense, and not good enough on defense.  Its a shame, because I feel bad for our seniors.  Some of these kids will never play lacrosse again, and for that I feel terrible that it ended this way.  Only one team a year can say they reached their goal of winning a state title.  We all thought we'd give it a better run than this, but we just weren't good enough when it mattered the most."